Incorporating Sculpture into Jewelry

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metal sculpture bracelelt

Incorporating Sculpture into Jewelry

Sometimes we need to think outside the box. There is no better way to get in touch with your creative and artsy side than to give sculpture a try. A new and great application of modern sculpture can actually be found in jewelry. Many people are starting to make amazing works of sculpture, and making them into jewelry pieces that are one of a kind.Even those who are already sculptors are making jewelry, and here is some advice and tips for those who want to get started, or continue with what you know.

This great for the artist, as they can gain access to several more clients. It expands their business, so they are able to make more money doing what they love. Everyone knows that the life of an artist can be tough, and this is the perfect chance for them to break into a new media. Since jewelry is so broad of a medium, almost any sculpture can be formed into some piece of wearable jewelry, as long as its not too big. Earrings need to be very small, so they don’t weight down or pull on the earlobe. A little bit bigger sculpture size can be used for necklaces. So many colors and designs can be used for necklaces, so this is where you see the most sculptures existing in the world of jewelry. Bracelets and anklets can also be made via sculpture, and they also need to be relatively small.

metal sculpture bracelelt

This bracelet was sculpted out of metal. It has a lot of detail and a unique style. Taken by Konstantinos Koukopoulos.

When making sculptures used for jewelry, there are many things as an artist you can do to make your work transferable. The first is to make the ends of the sculpture attachable to a chain, hook, or any form of connection piece so it can be worn. This will make it much simpler for the piece to be used for jewelry, because sometimes it can become tricky to make into a piece of jewelry. The size is another important aspect as previously mentioned, so be sure to know what you are making before you start. The small sculptures that you’re making need to fit into a type of jewelry.

Some additional tools may be needed when making these sculptures of jewelry. Since the pieces are smaller than one would normally be making, more detail needs to be done. Specifically, small and fine detail. If you don’t already own tools to get the level of detail needed for jewelry, you may need some more tools. It shouldn’t be too many more that you need, especially if you are an experienced sculptor.

tools for sculpting

These tools may be some of the ones you may need to make jewelry. Taken by Mary-Lynn.

There are a few different types and colors of clay and metal that exist, so playing around and changing your normal medium could be a fun experiment to try when making jewelry. Several types to give a certain look, so learning about them may make you a more diverse and better maker of jewelry. These are just some small tips that may come in handy as you continue to develop your jewelry making skills.

Make sure to let your creativity flow, because jewelry needs to unique. Each woman should have a piece that can never be created again. It can be simple, elegant, classy, bright, or colorful. These are just a few of the many things that you can incorporate into pieces of jewelry. The ideas are actually endless. I personally like jewelry that is simple and makes a statement. Keep these small things in mind when you’re trying to create something that everyone will love.

The Life Saving Fashion of Metal Jewelry

It may not be absolute crack pottery to think that wearing a piece of metal jewelry can affect one’s health positively.  While most of the information available should just be taken with a grain of salt, some of it is certainly worth consideration, and at the very least, even if it doesn’t work, you can still look pretty cool, right?

Now the theory is that there is some positive influence on the human body by having metal close by the skin, particularly the cardiovascular system.  It has actually been documented to happen with metal being worn as an accessory is that Ionic forces are indeed interacting with and altering blood flow in the body.  This can certainly come as some cause of relief for those who prefer homeopathic medical treatments as opposed to relying on modern science.  Make no mistake; this is not a cure for any disease or any new kind of treatment.  Many primitive cultures including ancient Greeks would use rocks with residual metallic elements in them to offer themselves some sort of healing factor.  While we are a far cry from those far gone times, it is nice to see that some of the old-fashioned remedies do still have a place even in the bleeding edge of history. Originally, costume or fashion jewelry was made of inexpensive simulated gemstones.

Research has shown magnets in general do positively affect living human tissue and electromagnetic fields have been used to aid in the healing of various wounds with the use of static magnets (including muscles, bones and joints).  While it is entirely not recommended as a medical treatment, some doctors may tout metal jewelry as useful as a prescription-strength pain killer and others may say it is completely useless and only a placebo effect at best.  However, evidence would suggest that the reality is somewhere lying between those two extremes with their usefulness not being neither miraculous, nor a simple ploy to boost jewelry sales.

Some images from displaying some metal jewelry-

Hard to imagine this precious little ring might serve you better than a bottle of aspirin isn’t it?

Wear this instead of taking some aspirin for a headache?  Your choice.