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New Love For Modern Sculpting

It doesn’t take an art buff to enjoy great art and sculptures are certainly one of the oldest and finest mediums for artistic expression. Although I’m not so sure everyone can get used to artistic nudity as easily as others, one of the most famous sculptures I’ve ever heard of would have to be the statue of David by the Renaissance artist, Michelangelo. I certainly couldn’t say it’s my absolute favorite (since I don’t think I really have one yet!) but I can definitely appreciate the technical skill, time, effort, and patience it would take for any artist of any caliber to achieve such a feat.


This is certainly entertaining to think about when I look at this picture: it’s a photograph of a sculpture of a camera. Just the concept itself is something that makes me smirk, but that aside, I have to say it’s exceptional. The level of detail and the color variation and shading that are achieved in a sculpture is nothing short of masterful. The background setting being a fountain at a courtyard only seems all the more fitting. © Ana Ulin.

I’m interested in some of the more modern means of sculpting (such as what you can see in the photo below) lately, not so much to invest in attempting a foray into that craft, but just purely for creative curiosity. When making sculptures used for jewelry, there are many things as an artist you can do to make your work transferable. The newer tools are interesting to say the least and usually a lot more technical in their application than the usual chisel and hammer that one is probably used to associating with sculpting.


This is something that’s quite a bit different from the traditional marble carvings, but I do have a certain respect for the more new school practices when it comes to sculpture. This aperture is set up in such a way that a mesh layer (as seen in the bottom right picture) can be placed over the basic framework and clay can then be attached and molded onto this basic skeletal framework to then go through the extensive process of the real sculpting work. © Don Cochrane.

If I had to pick a type of sculpting that I could probably get into it would have to be something like pottery, such as in the photo below. I suppose if people could slow down from their high-tech and high-speed lives, they might enjoy putting their time into something a bit more fulfilling than a new app on their smart phones.


Now here is something that’s a lot more my speed (but I’m an amateur at best). Using a pottery wheel is one of the oldest forms of sculpting and it’s certainly evolved into higher artistic expressions throughout the centuries (there are some exquisite relics and antiques out there in museums). © Arlington County.